I’m Winston B. Sabido from the Philippines, 19 years old college student. I started photography 2010, using an old Nokia N73 phone. Back then I use to take pictures of flowers and other macro stuff. I got my first digital SLR on the summer in 2011, I snap everything i see interesting to me.

I shoot portraits, landscapes, macro but it did not last, the passion burned-out for my photography. Then I stumbled upon shooting street photography, at first it was very difficult to approach the person or to look for interesting subject or scene on the street. Again I’m losing my motivation on pursuing my photography career. But I did not stop, it’s the only thing i know i love doing, and from that time, I practice and learn the methods of other street/photojournalist photographer. I try different things like, light, shadows, shapes, motion, gesture and many others. I found that shooting un-stage photos are more emotional than those being stage by photographers. The emotion and the story once fuse can create a harmonious story to the photograph.

I love to convert my photos into black and white, especially contrasty vintage looking black and white with grains, it make the photos more punchy and adds  more feel into my photos. Of course it’s subjective into every photographer which style suits them well.

Today I challenge myself to shoot with a point and shoot camera and an ongoing project to practice everyday on shoot street photography. Street photography for me is the unseen reality of life, others sees it just ordinary, but for a street photographers there is no ordinary days on the street, there’s just magic in everyday life.


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