Your personality is your style.

In photography, developing your own style in shooting is a key in being a good or great photographer. Uniqueness in doing your own style will make you stand out to others, it will be your trademark when they heard or read your name. But how to develop your own style?



First is to your personality, it is the fundamentals of building your own style in photography. When i was starting out I really love to put heavy vignetting, increase the noise removal slider and put a lovely watermark at the end. I shoot landscapes, portraits and other genre to really find where i belong, until I slowly find my personality on shooting street and black and white. Being a shy type person is a challenge that i need to abolish, so I challenge myself to do street and helps me a lot on socializing with others, then i’ve fallen in love on doing street photography with it’s simplicity, careless play of movements, expression and emotions and its complexity. So genuine. I’m just a simple person, sometimes childish, careless in my behaviour and my emotions and lastly complex, especially on thinking possibilities that are higher than the sky.



“What makes a good photographer is, you photograph who you are”. (Bruce Gilden n.d.) Your style is you. That’s it. If you want to photograph children then photograph them, maybe because you see yourself in them, or maybe photograph surreal coz your imagination sees beyond your eyes can see. Some like to do it rough, some fast and some slow and sure. The universe is the limit in here, just be who you are when photographing something, put your self into the subject. There is right or wrong to this, because it’s your way of seeing things as you see yourself. If you don’t like his work then don’t, that’s his personality; if you like his work then there is a common connection with the two of you, you both may like birds or trees that look weird or you both loves drinking coffee.

The point here is just to be yourself not to imitate others or be like others, you can learn for each others style but don’t take it coz it’s not you.


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