What I’ve learned on Project Point and Shoot.

You must have seen my Point in shoot project at the site’s front page. It’s a personal project of mine that change my perspective on things and help me understand somethings that make some difficulties before. It brings me back on being a amateur which is noble thing to become coz your doing it of the love of your craft or passion. Here are somethings that i’ve learned from my current project.
1. Leave all your fear behind.
Fear is just an imagination of your thoughts. In doing street photography, you don’t need it, leave it behind and never carry one.2. Get closer.
Getting close can be difficult at first, but once you get it will be a second nature to you. You can get closer if you abandon all your fears.

3. Slow Down.
Patience is the key to getting a good photo, waiting for the right moment can be hard, but it’s worthy.

4. Failure is always present.
99.9% when shooting in the street can be all failure. You must not get upset, there is a remedy and it’s called practice.

5. A small and handy camera can be an advantage.
Of course any camera can be use, it’s up to you what to use, but use as small or minimal gear to minimized your load so you can move easily. Remember that it’s not about the camera it’s you.

6.Shooting at night can be a good opportunity to get some great photographs.
Shooting at night can be hard, especially for those camera with low ISO range and tends to be noisy even at low ISO, I say just pump it up, get the shoot, grains can be good sometimes.

7. Don’t find / look for the shoot. It will find its way into you.
At first it was pissing because after the walk I browse my shoots and sees nothing but crap. But I saw the pattern that the shot will revel  itself when it is ready to be captured. You must be patient for it coz it’s a worthy wait.

Doing such project can help you discover or learn something that will make you a better person or photographer. Life is wonder, be creative in every moment, remember that there is always new things to be learn, grab it and make it as a part of you.

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”
― Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives


2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned on Project Point and Shoot.

  1. I love the point 6. Unfortunately I can’t buy a better equipment right now, even using all my efforts in the past years. I had to learn how to live with the grains, and to appreciate them. Sometimes they do are the special detail in a picture, which without them would be too “normal”.
    Good text!

    • Try going with motion or blur, make a story out of blur or the motion of the car light trails. Just be creative, the universe is your limit.
      Keep shooting.

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