Project Point and Shoot (On going)

This project started last May of this year. After watching Daido Moriyama’s Near Equal Documentary, I was inspired on how he sees things around him so differently. He uses a film Ricoh point and shoot which is a simple and easy to operate camera, then I realised that the camera did not get in his way to taking great and compelling photographs.

Today, the camera is the master of the photographer. Mr. Moriyama did not allow the camera to make him its slave. He controls his camera and makes it serve him, don’t treat your camera like a precious gem. It’s not about the camera on the first place, it’s all about you, you’re the one making the photograph and not your camera, it’s just their to capture the image you created by the use of your imagination and the moment taking place.

Any camera will do, and the best camera is the one with you. Never let the camera control you and take all the happiness in doing photography. Just always have fun!

camera: Sony DSC W570

DSC00420 DSC02520 DSC02465 DSC02387 DSC02282 DSC02192 DSC02030 DSC01983 DSC01940 DSC01918 DSC01905 DSC01737 DSC01705 DSC01456 DSC01426 DSC01174 DSC01150 DSC01066 DSC01002 DSC00958 DSC00786 DSC00688 DSC00617 DSC00563


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